This service is meant for expats who are relocating to the Netherlands or are already here, and are in need of a new rental home.

Finding a new rental home can be stressful as an expat, especially you already have so many things to take care of. I will guide this process for you and advice you along the way, so you get a realistic view of what is possible for you.


Let's find you a home!

What can you expect from the full rental service:

  • INTAKE - I schedule a free phone call with you to see whether this service may be for you based on your personal situation.
  • THE SEARCH - If you decide to work with me, I send you an application form and collect your documents and check this is in place.
  • PERSONAL CONTACT - Close contact with me, I will be available on WhatsApp and outside normal office hours.
  • VIEWINGS -  I request viewings, schedule them, and join you if my schedule allows it. If you are not here yet, no worries I will arrange a video for you.
  • OFF MARKET - I work closely with realtors and landlords. Hence, I also receive off market offerings often, giving me an advantage in the current market.
  • RENTAL PROPOSAL - If you like an apartment, I will make a rental proposal on your behalf. We discuss strategy and terms and conditions beforehand
  • RENTAL AGREEMENT - Since Dutch law applies, the agreement will be signed in Dutch. I will translate it, check if its legally in place and go over it with you so you understand its contents. 
  • KEY TRANSFER - I will join you during the key-transfer and to make sure the check-in report is in place.
  • UTILITIES - I can assist you with the right parties to set up utilities and insurance.
  • AFTER CARE - Sometimes you need advice after you received the keys to your apartment. I will be there to assist and advice and you where possible.
  • FEE - The fee for this service depends per search, we can discuss this during the free phone call.

If you would like me to help you find your new rental home in the Netherlands, please fill in the contact form below on the right or send me a message via WhatsAppWhatsApp.

I’m more than happy to help and advice you during a free phone call, no strings attached.

Mandy Heruer - Expat relocation service Netherlands

Mandy Heruer
+31 (0) 6 – 5209 8897
+31 (0) 6 – 5209 8897+31 (0) 6 – 5209 8897