Hi, my name is Mandy Heruer and I’m an expat relocation agent.

Mandy Heruer - Expat relocation service Netherlands
Download E-book now for only €29.99

Dear expat,

Hereby you can purchase my E-book which will give you insight into the rental process in the Netherlands. The E-book includes step-by-step instructions on how you can apply directly for rental houses and how to maximize your chances of getting accepted. 

This guide is useful to anybody looking for a rental house in the Netherlands. If you are still abroad, my advice is to either get a relocator, friend or collegue to represent you to avoid getting scammed in today’s stretched rental market. This E-book will discuss what strategy is best to take in this case as well.

Download E-book now for only €29.99

What you can expect from this e-book:

The guide consists of multiple chapters, each zooming in on a different aspect of the rental process. The following topics will be addressed:

Please note that this E-book is of an informative nature and that results depend on personal situations.

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If you would like me to help you find your new rental home in the Netherlands, please fill in the contact form below on the right or send me a message via WhatsAppWhatsApp.

I’m more than happy to help and advice you during a free phone call, no strings attached.

Mandy Heruer - Expat relocation service Netherlands

Mandy Heruer
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+31 (0) 6 – 5209 8897+31 (0) 6 – 5209 8897